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List of artworks by artist David Monrós

Multidisciplinar and versatile artist, their origins began with the psichodelical bohemia ending the 70´s, surfing into underground culture of Barcelona city. Cartoons, advertising and illustration were the early published works. Moved to one of the Balearic islands, Menorca beginning 80´s where his way of live, will push his evolutive craetivity. Informal and spontaneous some times, others more poetical and reflexive, his "modus operandi" is not under estabilished rules, combining personal talent with new technologies to aquieve a very impact results difficult to be catalogued. The sea and all around it, is one of more current themes in his work, by origin and vital experience, deserving the appellative "mediterranean" by the art press, with a highly presence in private and public collections worldwide.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items