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"BAMBOO is ... well BAMBOO. A multimedia genius whose artistic streak stems from photography and photographic manipulation extending to amazing personalised light projections. There is a mistery to his technique which adds to his work's eccentricity. He creates dreams into reality and his work and dedication to his art is very inspiring. He invited me to take a snapshots at one of his photographic exhibition openings on the island and I loved his idea of combining two dimensional work with an S&M bondage performance. There is always a sense of surprice in his work. He knows how to catch the attention of the viewer, keep it there and letting it linger. His work is truly unique. Like that of many Ibiza resident artists I've had the pleasure to connect with. He also sees UFO, which to a believer like me is always a sing of genius. But that's another story..."
Stefano Lazzaro


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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items