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  • Ada Magdalena Avetist

    Ada is a multi facetted artist that has engaged in different direction within her artistc journey. She started very early with a traditional training in painting and graduated from a tailoring formation in Vienna. From there her art practice moved into few years of experimentation during her study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she had graduated with clearly elaborated sculptural installations. These took her into using the urban environment to develop site specific interventions. However, during her studies at Goldsmith University in London, Avetist turned her focus more toward the theory of art and developed JKNET, a project that is using the artistic strategies of appropriation to create her content. After another twist in her career, Avetist took a training in yoga and moved to Ibiza, her art changed again and found its way back to painting. Her most recent series, Meditations 2017, are a reflection of finding her authenticity and peace of mind within the practice of elevating her consciousness.

  • Andreas Döringer

    Glass is a facinating medium with its unique characteristics and holds a very special place in my life. It encourages me to experiment with its never ending formes and colours. I try to control the flow/movement of the glass by using innovative techniques based on experience and trail & error. Much of my inspiration is taken from nature whether the wonders of underwater life or the rugged peaks of mountains in my home country Austria. These impressions are incorporated into my creations and reflect in my works of art.

  • Bloop-Festival

  • Boke

  • Carol Otero

    Carolina Otero born in Ontinyent (Valencian Community) Spain, in 1977.

    She completed her Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Art in 2004 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

    She continued her studies at the Men´ndez Pelayo International University of Valencia and was awarded her Master´s Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia at the Infographics Study Centre of Valencia.

    She has exhibited her work at solo and group shows. Almongst other distinctions, her work was selected at the XXXVII Bancaja Prize of Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art and was part of the exhibition held at the Valentine Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) in 2011.


    Carolina now lives in Forementera (Balearic Islands). She combines her art work with teaching 12 - 18 year - olds in order to help them foster the same enthusiasm that she has for art.

  • Castelli, Alex

  • Cedraeus, Carl-Henrik

  • Cioca, Cristina

  • David Monrós

    Multidisciplinar and versatile artist, their origins began with the psichodelical bohemia ending the 70´s, surfing into underground culture of Barcelona city. Cartoons, advertising and illustration were the early published works. Moved to one of the Balearic islands, Menorca beginning 80´s where his way of live, will push his evolutive craetivity. Informal and spontaneous some times, others more poetical and reflexive, his "modus operandi" is not under estabilished rules, combining personal talent with new technologies to aquieve a very impact results difficult to be catalogued. The sea and all around it, is one of more current themes in his work, by origin and vital experience, deserving the appellative "mediterranean" by the art press, with a highly presence in private and public collections worldwide.

Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items