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  • Jakub Honetschläger

    Studied at the School of Art and Design in Prague, graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2010. Awarded first prize at the Engraving of the Year engraving competition and the Vladimir Boudnik prize in 2008. Mainly devoted to engraving and painting.

  • Jesús de Miguel

    His multifaceted talents range from sculpture, to musical creation, 3D animation, video art, and artistic installations, with styles taken from Dadaism, comics, punk, collage and even prehistoric cave paintings. Allen Jones the famous British artist, member of the Royal Academy of Arts, said the following about Jesus de Miguel, after attending his exhibition at Think Creative Hub: "He is an artist who uses the different pictorial records in an exceptional way. It is very difficult to make an individual exhibition so big and at the same time so homogeneous and complete. Bravo!"

  • Joan F. Ribas

    Hola, esto de escribir sobre mí me resulta un poco difícil, pero vamos allá…

    Como habréis adivinado me llamo Joan, vivo en Ibiza, nací en 1962 y hace muchos años, más de 30, me aficioné a la fotografía. Todavía era analógica. Me compré una Pentax y unos libros de fotografía donde aprendí los conceptos básicos. A partir de ahí lo que hice fue disparar y disparar…

  • Boke

    Victor Barrena (Mérida;1983) A.K.A Boke, studied arts applied to sculpture in Mérida and artistic photography in Granada. He joined the underground culture since his childhood and he adopted the artistic pseudonym of Boke. Boke has a great fondness for music, which is source of inspiration. Self-taught in the painting, the act of painting becomes an spontaneous gesture for him. 

  • Dieter Sroka

    Dieter was Born in 1957 in Hameln, Germany.

    He has been a Digital artist since time immemorial.

    Dieter lives in Ibiza where he is editor for the annual publication Ibiza Art Guide.

  • El.Rol.Artworks

    Through our work we try to analyse the power of mankind and nature, transmitting part of our life experiences that we hope might reflect on our audience. 

     The Leitmotifs of our artwork are: people, animals, fish and trees. We hope that some of our artwork can awaken your curiosity and make you think, reflect, act, enjoy, transform... 

  • Ibiza Art Guide

    IbizArt Guide is an annual guide that gathers the best national and international artists residing in Ibiza or having a relationship with the island.

     The guide was first published in the year 2010, at the hands of its founder and publisher Dieter Sroka. Year after year the guide manages to excel and it is thanks to the great quality of artists who participate in it.

     It is on sale in bookstores and tobacconists from all over the world. As well as through our Ibiza art shop online store.


  • Javierens

    Javier Ordoñez Pérez, born in Valencia (1992) and settled in Ibiza since 2000. He trained in sculpture at the EASD in Valencia and specialized in metal techniques at the Escola d'Art D'Eivissa.

  • Jordi Gómez

    JORDI GÓMEZ mixes an arresting photographic cocktail of glamour, fun and sex-appeal, shooting fashion, advertising and lifestyle photography in his inimitable glossy way.



  • Nourathar

    Nourathar Studio is a creative technologies lab dedicated to the creation of experiences which explore the full potential of emerging media. Current members of the studio are Caen Botto (Buenos Aires, 1970) and Marta Rupérez (Madrid, 1977). Their art occurs at the intersection between the physical and the virtual, in the hybrid space between technology, history and magic. Their research articulates contemporary history and archaeology, and materializes in projects which implement augmented reality, immersive environments, interaction, optical illusionism and other lo & hi-tech mirages.
  • Robert Arató

    It is really the energy that I am interested in, not so much the subject of the image. I investigate the powers of nature, of the psyche, of the mind and of love. The better i feel their properties and the more I am aware how they act, the clearer and stronger appear the shapes and colours, the more convincing and alive the painting will be. 

  • Toni Planells

    Nacer en una necrópolis impone una cierta tendencia oxímoron. O al menos es una buena excusa para justificar la contradicción, la ambigüedad y la incoherencia que campan a sus anchas en la obra de Toni Planells: fotos que parecen dibujos, dibujos que parecen fotos, fotos que parecen dibujos que parecen fotos…

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items