File holder
1. File holder
The legal holder of this site and, therefore, of the files that will contain the personal details collected and processed through this website, is Ibiza Asoc Internacional de Arte (CIF): G57877052 , Lugar Sección 2 Pol. 14, Num. 4355 - Sant Josep de Sa Talaia - Baleares - 07830 - Spain, and e-mail address

The use of this site implies the total acceptance of all the contents found in the General Terms of Use and all the associated Specific Terms as well as this Privacy Policy, agreeing to allow the use of the provided personal data solely according with the terms and the manner described hereafter.

IbizArt Agency. may modify this Privacy Policy in order to improve security or adapt it to any legal changes. Any changes will be notified in advance to the user, who may cancel his/her membership if he/she does not agree with the changes.
Collected data
2. Collected data only collects the required personal details to provide its services. Within the forms that must be filled in to enjoy functions and services, all required fields will be specified through messages or warnings, with the remaining ones being optional. If this information is not provided correctly signing up to the site and accessing its products and services will not be feasible.

In addition to this, the files will also include the required details to complete the user's profile as well as any other information provided in the purchase and sale of artworks process and any other contact form or information collecting form. informs that the contact details of the exhibitor's guests at the opening events and exhibitions are filed in an encrypted database that is not accessible for's staff. Therefore, these details will not be incorporated to our files and will be handled and stored directly by the user that enters them. The invitation to opening events is understood as submitted by the individual that provides such information and once the relationship between the User and has ended, the details will be deleted.

We also inform that when signing up to from a Facebook account, our registration and connection application to will have access to the basic information of the user's profile. Thus, will be able to send e-mails to the e-mail address featured in the Facebook profile. Our application will also be capable of publishing contents on the user's wall or creating events in the Facebook account from These options can be deactivated by the user at any time.
Use and purpose of collected data
3. Use and purpose of collected data
The personal details gathered in the website are incorporated to the files registered by IbizArt Agency. in the Registro General de Protección de Datos (General Registrar for Data Protection), with the following purposes and uses:
User registration and management : all the information provided in the registration form is used to manage the users
Providing services: the details entered in our website will be used to provide services for the creation, exploitation and commercialization of galleries, the use of promotional tools and virtual exhibitions of works, as well as the brokerage in the purchase and sale transactions of artworks, prints, etc., as set forth in the general and specific terms of this site.
Submitting alerts: the user will only receive the requested information when subscribing to one of the alerts. The message generated by the alert system will also provide the required information to stop receiving the messages.
Facilitating the search of works of interest : owns a predictive search system that allows the user to search artworks focusing on the preferred styles, techniques and creators in keeping with the preferences shown in previous searches and visits.
Facilitating for the registered user the use of functions: the creation of favorites lists, the access to opening events with a nick of his/her own, leaving comments about the works or in the site's blog, etc.
Processing complaints: the details provided in the complaint forms will be handled so as to process the complaints made and eventually convey the contents of such complaints to the parties concerned.
Disclosure of personal details to third parties
4. Disclosure of personal details to third parties
The user authorizes the disclosure of personal details to third parties in the following instances and for the following reasons:
The indispensable transfer and disclosure of information to register the works through our partner Safe Creative, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the website.
The transfer and disclosure of the personal information required by the chosen transport agency if the user decides to send original works, items of limited editions, prints, etc., through
The disclosure of personal information to the parties involved in the purchase or sale of original works, items of limited editions, and/or prints in order to generate invoices and other legal documents required for the transaction.
The transfer and disclosure of the user's information when legally requested. Such transfer or disclosure shall always be done in accordance with the art. 11.2 LOPD y 10.4 RD 1720/2007, that is, when formally requested by official bodies such as the Government, Courts of Justice or the Ombudsman.
Concerning the personal data provided, the user GUARANTEES
5. Concerning the personal data provided, the user GUARANTEES
Concerning the personal data provided, the user guarantees:
The truthfulness, currency and accuracy of the information submitted, undertaking to keep it up to date and relieving from any responsibility for the failure to fulfill these requirements, including any use of information from third parties without their previous and express consent.
That he/she has beforehand the consent of his/her parents or tutors when under fourteen years old.
That he/she relieves from any responsibility for the use of this information by third parties from other services who may access it when carrying out their activities.
That whenever personal information, texts or images from third parties are disclosed he/she has their full consent to submit them to
Concerning the personal details submitted, GUARANTEES
6. Concerning the personal details submitted,, GUARANTEES
Concerning the personal details submitted, guarantees:
That the personal details provided will not be transferred under any other than the aforementioned circumstances. Unlike other similar websites, the user will not receive any unsolicited information or publicity he/she has not previously requested after submitting his/her information to us.
That the user will be provided with the required tools for the management of his/her gallery so that the registered user may modify, delete or add the personal details he/she deems appropriate.
That security measures have been adopted in compliance with point 8 and the right to access, rectify, cancel or object in compliance with point 9.
7. Cookies cookie installation devices (small data files generated in your computer that send information) that allow the user to identify automatically and to gather information about visiting habits and behavior within our site. This helps to improve the website, but the user can block them through the cookies options found in his/her Internet browser if he/she prefers not to have them installed in his/her computer.

Nevertheless, deactivating the cookies could prevent the site from working properly. will not be held responsible for any such malfunctions.
8. Security declares that, in compliance with the current data protection legislation, it has implemented the security and logistic measures required to guarantee the security of personal information submitted, preventing modifications, loss or unauthorized access, taking into account the condition of the technology, the character of stored data and the risks they run either by human actions or the physical or natural medium.

We must remind, however, that there is no invulnerable technology and that, therefore, the user must do everything in his/her power to maintain the security level of his/her details. We thoroughly recommend using a strong access password for the user account, with at least 8 characters that combine numbers, letters, lower-case, upper-case and special characters. It is also advisable to change the password now and again (at least once a year) and to change it immediately if suspicious that it is known by a third party.
Exercise of rights
9. Exercise of rights
The user may exercise at any moment the right of access, rectification, cancellation and objection sending the corresponding request together with a copy of his/her official identification document (ID card, driving license or passport) to the following e-mail address In addition to this, the user may cancel his/her membership whenever he/she deems it appropriate and cancel the delivery of any messages by electronic means.

If in doubt regarding the exercise of these rights, the user can check the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos website, or send an e-mail to the online support department
Changes in the terms of this Privacy Policy
10. Changes in the terms of this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy has been released on the 03/01/2011 and any modification of its terms will be notified to the user, who can request the cancellation of his/her membership if he/she disagrees with said modification.
Contract, Law and Jurisdiction
11. Contract, Law and Jurisdiction
This Privacy Policy is deemed a legally binding contract for the parties and is subject to the Spanish legal code. Any changes in this Privacy Policy owing to legal reasons will be published on our website. The current Privacy Policy is applicable when entering

Any litigation concerning the validity, interpretation and/or application of these terms will be subject to the Courts of Justice corresponding to the address of the claimant if he/she is a consumer. In any other instances the parties will submit to the Juzgados y Tribunales de Ibiza (Court of Justice of Ibiza, Spain).