Post-Industrial Oneiric Archaeology
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Post-Industrial Oneiric Archaeology


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Augmented still-life

Artist:   Nourathar Studio

Authors: Caen Botto & Marta Rupérez

Date:  2019

Medium:  Augmented reality; mixed media

Dimensions:  43,5 (h) x 83.3 (w) x 33.6 (d) cm

Loop duration: 3'30"

Unique piece

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18 000,00 €


Artist Nourathar

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A still life of obsolete technologies virtually re-animated; they are brought back to life through the combination of augmented reality with antique magic tricks. As in other works of the series, the animated composition is approached with a musical sense of rhythm and balance; both music and light, as abstract artforms, are best appreciated over time. 

In parallel to the combination of the physical and virtual scenographies, the work suggests a meeting of past and future in the constantly mutating instant.  Other nods to history include iconography which reminds of the Dutch and Flemish Vanitas, still life paintings from 16th & 17th centuries, aimed at capturing the passage of ephemeral elements, such as time and light.