Panoptyk Paradox 2.0
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Panoptyk Paradox 2.0


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3D Environment & Multimodal Hyperinstrument

Artist:   Nourathar Studio / µN¡√∑®∫ØM∑N†∑

Authors: Caen Botto

Title:  Panoptyk Paradox 2.0

Date:  2017

Medium:  3D environment.

Custom application developed in Max/MSP/Jitter by Caen Botto

Dimensions:  variable

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11 000,00 €

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PaNoPtYk pArAdOx 2.0 is a multimodal hyperinstrument for sound and image composition, in real-time.

Using 4 virtual cameras - each angled at 90° to cover 360° - the piece offers four simultaneous points of view of the same 3D virtual scene, unified in the same, final image; this creates complex visual paradoxes which subvert the traditional rules of perspective.

The work's research is based on the analysis of Michel Foucault's concept of Panopticon (developed in the 18th Century by Jeremy Bentham). PaNoPtYk also questions the representation models that rule over digital graphic platforms and are still based on the linear perspective of the Renaissance.

PaNoPtYk pArAdOx can be presented as an immersive environment or in panoramic format (with all 4 perspectives unfolded onto the same plane).

Application developed using Max/MSP/Jitter, based on an Open GL architecture for manipulation in real-time of the virtual scene, using external MIDI and OSC controllers.

PaNoPtYk pArAdOx @ µN¡√∑®∫ØM∑N†∑